Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Had a week off work last week (even though I've only just been signed back, lol) and was very happy to be able to get away for a few days. At the beginning of the week went to the south coast and stayed in Studland for the night.
Had a lovely room at this great Inn, the Bankes Arms. Have stayed here just once before, last November, but it's already become a favourite place. A nice cosy traditional pub, with a open fire which roars away on cold evenings. The food is great and there is a good selection of local beer too.
If you enjoy getting out and enjoying the sea air, there are some lovely local beaches and just about 15 minutes walk up the coast path you get to Old Harry Rocks, a set of wonderful chalk cliffs which just fall away in to the sea.
The scene looks serene enough but the air is always filled with the sound of the hundreds of sea birds which inhabit the area. It was pretty overcast on this visit and started to rain not long after we reached the rocks. This is a shot taken out over the mist shrouded sea, if you take a good look you might be able to just make out a ferry in the bottom left corner! I visited at about this time last year too, take a look at my post back here, the weather was altogether different with brilliant blue skies. But I LOVE to walk in the rain so makes no difference to me I know I'll enjoy myself on these trips whatever the weather :)


Jacky said...

Dont you just love a little holiday by the seaside - all looks very picturesque. Always helps if the food is yummy I think too.
Have fun!

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

Angelcat, I'm so glad I've discovered your great blog! I feel you really show us your home area through your pictures. Very special for me!