Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I signed up for a postcard swap with a 'Faces' theme a little while back. I try not to sign up for a swap unless several ideas come to me when looking at the theme. I'm sure I must have had lots of ideas when I joined but when it actually came to the making my mind went blank and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. The other day I was rifling through my fabric boxes looking for something totally unrelated and all of a sudden it just came to me. So I grabbed some fabrics, started cutting and Medusa was born.
I cut face motifs and snakes from a couple of different fabrics and fused them to a background.
I added random stitching to a few of the snakes with some lovely silk thread which has a beautiful sheen to it when caught in the light.
And lastly stamped out the Medusa label on some scrap fabric, and voila all done. Here are all the cards laid out together. The one at the bottom on the lighter background fabric was the first one I made, I decided that I wanted the background to have a bit more drama than that first fabric provided so the rest of the backgrounds I cut from some of the fabric I dyed a few weeks back.


Miss 376 said...

What fun cards. Great way to use your dyed fabric too

Doreen G said...

Very clever Angela they look great.

Vicki said...

Great idea and I love your hand dyed fabrc it really makes a more dramatic statement.


How very clever!