Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ok I have to admit to having some sort of problem, I think its somewhere between lack of will power and inability to stay focused, lol. I've started yet another new piece of stitching not on the February to do list.

I've been staying with family for a few days and needed something portable. Yes I know that was my excuse for starting the hexagons, but before I left for the trip I didn't have time to sort out more fabrics to continue with them. This little piece is just for fun, one small piece of fabric and two different threads. I figured I would probably get the whole thing stitched while I was away but I didn't count on how busy my nephews would keep me. Above is progress so far, another evening's effort and it'll be done.

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Jane said...

This likes fun, and I wouldn't worry about the to do list, just enjoy what you are doing