Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Third time Lucky?

Can you remember I told you all about some sock yarn I bought at bargain price in one of the local craft stores.  No?  Well I don't blame you I do tend to waffle on about lots of nonsense here.  Incase you need a reminder have a quick look here.....

Well I decided that I would actually have a go at doing something with it rather than let it languish in the yarn box for too long.  I did have a go at socks once before many years ago now but quickly gave up as I couldn't quite get the hang of it.  This time rather than brave it again I decided to have a look around Ravelry to find some non-socky inspiration.  And decided on a cowl.

Sadly I seem to have stalled a bit.  I've started twice and things just aren't going to plan.  For some reason I just can't get in to the rhythm of working with this yarn.

Third time lucky?  Lets hope so or the yarn might end up languishing in the yarn box for a while after all.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A gift for my Gran

All I seem to be doing is starting new projects at the moment. 

I've been trying to resist getting swept up in the tide as it seems far too early to be thinking about it yet but it's already everywhere in the shops and on TV ..... yes I'm talking Christmas.

These days I'm fairly lucky most of my family and friends have agreed not to swap presents any more so this time of year isn't too stressful for me.  I have decided to make a few things though.  The throw for my brother and his girlfriend is well under way and barring fire or flood it should be done in time.

The problem with such a big piece is its not very portable.  So I've turned to a gift that I've been thinking about making for my Gran.
I managed to pick up the yarn I needed from Ebay last week at a bargain price.  Oh my this is just the softest yummiest thing I've had the pleasure of working with part silk, part alpaca, honestly you don't know you're working with it.  If you could crochet with a cloud I'm sure this is what it would feel like.
It's early days yet and I had a few problems getting to grips with the pattern repeat, but fingers crossed I'm in the groove now.  This will be the perfect thing for me to take to work on when we go to Yorkshire.  We're leaving tomorrow, can't wait to have a break away for a few days.  But first this evening we're off to Bath to for the Christmas lights switch on ........ did you hear me say earlier it's too early to get in teh Christmas spirit, what do I know, lol.  See you on the other side.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Suits you, Madam

Almost finished the loopy beard but not quite. In the meantime I have finally finished the moustache I started a good couple of months ago. This was so quick to knit up it really should have been a fast finish but as is my habit I'm always trying to work on a million things at once so nothing gets done very fast.
Is it wrong to say I love my little handlebar, lol?  OMG have never had so much fun taking selfies.  Suits me, no?
I put this picture up on Facebook, and had some suggestions that I look like Luigi from the Mario brothers with the beret on too, lol
Messing around with some photo apps and I made this mirror image shot, freaky ........
I also got asked why the hell would I make a knitted moustache as what was the point?  Duh, the point is just to have fun once in a while, what is the constant obsession with purpose anyhow?  ok I understand that a knitted moustache might not have many practical applications.  But me, well I loathe housework so I shall be wearing mine while I'm doing the vacuuming ...... just because it makes me giggle.

Maybe I am just nutty?  I'll let you decide ;D

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My week in Snapshots

Not many words to say this week.  Still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction so mostly been keeping things nice and quiet.

Cosy evenings by candlelight
 Gorgeous Autumn Light
 Hat of the week - cheating a bit with a hood.  I'm looking a bit forlorn in this picture which sums up my week of pain and feeling sorry for myself!
 Comfort food - stewed apples and ice cream
 Waiting ..... and enjoying the last light of the day
 Cuddles with puppies - how I wish I could take this fellow home!
Toward the end of next week we're off to Yorkshire for a few days so I may be MIA for a bit.  Whatever you're up to have fun xx

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Wensleydale Lace

We've had a fair amount of lovely Autumn sunshine recently which creates the most amazing light so I had hoped to go somewhere and do an outdoor photo shoot with my finished Wensleydale scarf, but my tooth extraction and the resulting pain put paid to that and I decided to take a couple of indoor snaps instead just so I could hurry up and share this with you.
I really love how this turned out and using two skeins of yarn has made it a super long scarf so plenty of wrapping potential for added cosiness.
It was a really straight forward pattern which was probably just as well for my first attempt at any lace effect work.  Even so I still managed to make a couple of mistakes along the way. But it really was only a couple and when wrapping me up and keeping me warm you can't see them ...... and hey who wants to be perfect anyway.  With it's little flaws my scarf will always be one of a kind and that is one of the beautiful things about handmade.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

My week in snapshots

It's been a quieter than usual week as I had to have a couple of wisdom teeth out which put me out of action for a couple of days but I'm mostly feeling better and looking less hamster like now!! So here's hoping for a better week next week

The last supper (my lovely man took me out for dinner and cocktails the day before my trip to the hospital)
Making chutney
Hat of the week
The wonders of modern technology - counting rows on my phone
 Baking cakes to say thank you to Mr Awesome for doing such a great job of looking after me this week
Hope you all have a fabulous week.  Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my little corner of the world. xx