Friday, April 03, 2009


I just wanted to quickly check in and say hi and let you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. I want to say a huge thank you for all of the comments of support on my last couple of posts, they really do mean a lot to me.

Things are still difficult but I'm slowly getting more used to my new life on my own, can't say I like it much but hopefully that will come in time. So many things just don't feel the same to me anymore. I haven't picked up a needle or sat at my sewing machine in four months, I guess I've lost the urge to be creative for a while .....

In the meantime here are a few snaps from a weekend trip that I took to the coast a few weeks ago, I was blessed with wonderful weather and spent a couple of happy days walking and enjoying the sunshine.

A couple of shots of Old Harry Rocks

Agglestone - a huge 400 Tonne sandstone rock which legend says the devil threw from the Isle of Wight.

Is there anything better after a hard days walking than the sight of the sun sparkling off the sea while enjoying those well earned fish and chips? :)