Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ready to Burn

So after waiting for my camera battery to charge and attempting unsuccessfully to get a good picture of my bag in progress I figured out that the piece is just about the right size to fit under the scanner.
I'm now at the stage where I'm supposed to burn holes to create some void spaces in the design. After all time it took to stitch the darn thing I've decided not to dive in and burn straight away without some practise. So today I will be stitching up a basic grid pattern using the same techniques to practise my burning on. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Knitting and Precious Gifts

So I still don't have a picture of the finished stitching on my bag project to share. I did take one but managed to delete it and now my camera needs charging. Sometimes I can be so ditsy. Instead I'm going to share something else that I've just finished.

I knitted myself a hat, one of the few knitted things I've managed to finish. Honestly I have half started knitting projects every where, I think the problem is I'm attracted to things that are just a bit too ambitious for my basic knitting skills and have got stuck and the difficult parts of various projects. As you know I don't like sharing pictures of me but what the hell, after the lack of blog posts here for a while I don't expect many people are reading any more anyway!
The picture is a bit dark so you can't really see the beautiful colours in the yarn I used very well, I will try and get a better one soon. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and have bought some more of this beautiful yarn to make a hat and scarf set for my friend Charlotte for Christmas (she doesn't know about my blog so I'm not spoiling any surprises here).

Before I sign off I just have to share some pictures of 2 precious gifts that my friend Vi sent me all the way from Australia. Look at this totally adorable pin cushion (again please excuse the poor quality picture there is not much good daylight at the moment and when there is some I'm always at work!).
Vi also sent me this beautiful friendship doll. She made this with a wonderful rainbow theme to remind me always of my Mum. Definitely one of the most special gifts I've ever received. Thank you so much Vi.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stitching again

It's been another tough couple of weeks in Angelcat land. MIL still hasn't made much progress and after a few days at home is back in hospital, so the long days of work and hospital visits continue.

Last week I was knocked out with the flu and a horrible cough which was none too pleasant (and I missed the November GWE meet because of it which I am thoroughly annoyed about), but thankfully the worst of that seems to be gone now.

I really need a break from all the madness and as luck would have it I had signed up for a workshop with the Swindon Embroiderers Guild this last Saturday. The aim of the day was to learn the techniques to make a filigree bag. Everyone seemed to have a really enjoyable day. Here are some of the group hard at work, just look at the concentration, they look totally engrossed don't ya think?
Sadly I didn't get very far with my bag, I was a little disappointed but I think I didn't really get a good grasp on the concept at the beginning and chose a stitching pattern that was way too intricate for my meagre skills. The only picture I have to share of my work in progress is the piece all layered, pinned and ready to stitch. By the end of the day I still hadn't finished stitching, let alone started the burning process. I am happy to say that I spent half hour at my machine this evening and the stitching is almost done, who knows if I get of the computer and back to the machine I may even have a picture of the stitched piece to share tomorrow!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spooky Eyes

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has commented and emailed me about my last couple of posts, it really does mean a lot to have so much support from so many cyber friends.

So I've decided to be done with feeling sorry for myself and get on with things, after all things could be a lot lot worse. Verobirdie left a great comment on my last post about remembering the joyful things that happen each day no matter how small. I think a 'joy journal' would be a great art project!

Madhatter also mentioned that she likes to find some creative time everyday and I think that would really help me. Most days at work I tend to work right through my lunch break, and do I get any extra thanks, no I don't, so starting tomorrow I will be packing some portable creative projects in the car and lunchtime will become my creative time. I'm feeling excited and more relaxed just thinking about it.

I know I have been and missed Halloween celebrations this year, but I just have to share this picture of spooky eyed Hector which I took while messing around with my camera for a few minutes today.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is normal?

Ever have those times when you feel like your life is not your own?

At the moment mine is an endless round of work and hospital visits. Don't get me wrong I need to pay the mortgage and I don't begrudge the time that I spend at the hospital I wouldn't want to be anywhere else family comes first. BUT the last two years just seem to have been one thing after another, just as soon as I feel like I'm getting back on my feet life comes and deals another sucker punch ... when will normality resume? What is normal? It's been so long I think I forgot.