Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bath Christmas Market

You know that the festive season is fast approaching when the Christmas Market in Bath springs up.
Sadly I didn't have as much time as I would have loved to explore it this year.
I was in Malta on my holiday for most of the days that it was running.
I did manage to pop in to Bath one evening to have a quick look.  Unfortunately I only had about 45 minutes before the stall holders started to pack up so I wasn't able to really get much shopping done.
Maybe next year :)
This will probably be the last blog post of the year.  We're off to Yorkshire at the weekend to spend Christmas with James' family so it's just left to say Merry Christmas to you all, and I wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2013.

See you next year :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


First off many apologies for the lack of blog action round here at the moment.  Lots going on ..... I'm moving house, have been on holiday and have a wonderful new man in my life.  Hopefully in the new year, once the holiday madness has passed I will get back to regular blogging.

I haven't done a whole lot that is creative recently, but when I went on holiday I took a little crochet project with me.  I decided to have a go at making some snowflakes.
I managed to make quite a few while I was away in a couple of different patterns, I used up two balls of yarn infact.
However, none of them made it in to the suitcase home.  They are now all hanging on the christmas tree and around the apartment that my sister and nephews are living in in Malta :)

This of course now means that I have to make some more for myself!!
I've treated myself to a couple of lovely hanks of yarn called Willow Tweed by Louisa Harding, its an Alpaca, merino and silk mix.  I'm also attempting to make them on a slightly smaller hook, I used a 4mm hook for the ones I made in Malta and I'm trying a 2.5mm hook for the new ones.  We'll see how it goes :)