Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm back

Mark and I had a fab time in Scotland, but I have been away from my blog longer than planned as I managed to pick up a yucky stomach bug when we got back which pretty much had me knocked out for most of last week. I'm just now getting back to normal.

I haven't had the energy to do anything creative but I'm starting to feel the urge again now so I hope to have lots to share again soon.

In the meantime if anyone would like to see some pictures of the places and things that we saw while on holiday check out Mark's blog here. I love the panorama with our cottage in, be sure to click on the picture to get a larger image.

I'm off to check out what has been happening in blogland while I've been away .......

Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Mermaids

Well this is going to be my last post for a wee while as I am off on holiday to Scotland for the week. If anyone needs me I'll be here, lol!

Before I go I just have to post the last installment of the mermaid doll round robin. The final doll I had to work on was Barbara's. It was a real challenge due to the scattered beading that had already been done on the body.
I decided to keep it simple and added some fish and flower beads to finish her off. She's on her way back home to Barbara now and I'm sure she will be loved.

I was excited to get my own doll back this week too. I don't know if you can remember but this is what she looked like when she left me.

And here she is now complete with a beautiful bottle in one had and the catch of the day in the other! She also has a great new face which I think gives her a whole different character.

I absolutely love her and am very grateful to the talented ladies who where in the robin with me for creating such a beautiful little mermaid. Well I still have some packing to do so I'd best get on with it as we will be leaving in a few hours. See you in a week!

Oh yes a quick PS. A few people have left comments or emailed asking where I got the sequins I used on Sirena. Here is a link to Cartwrights a great store for sequins!