Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is normal?

Ever have those times when you feel like your life is not your own?

At the moment mine is an endless round of work and hospital visits. Don't get me wrong I need to pay the mortgage and I don't begrudge the time that I spend at the hospital I wouldn't want to be anywhere else family comes first. BUT the last two years just seem to have been one thing after another, just as soon as I feel like I'm getting back on my feet life comes and deals another sucker punch ... when will normality resume? What is normal? It's been so long I think I forgot.


verobirdie said...

I know the feeling, my life has been hectic for many years. And someday it calms down and you can enjoy it again. The problem is that you never know when, nor for how long.
When I'm overloaded, I try a little tip: I try to replay my day or my week in my mind, and I make a note a every little second that was a bit of joy. Could be a lady smiling because you let her cross the road, or a bird you saw, a flower, a patch of color you have liked. Anything can do. The first days you try this, it is a bit difficult, but if you persist, you'll come to enjoy every little joy, and that helps going on.

Anonymous said...

Been there for wayyyyyyy tooo long. I found that if I take a short period of time EVERY day to do something that I WANT TO DO, it gives me back a little feeling of control over my life. Some days I can schedule 10 minutes, one or 2 I even got an hour. I have learned to take small projects to the hospital-it gives people a way of approaching you to converse and I find that meeting new people brings me out of myself. madhatter

Unknown said...

Angela - I sooo know what you mean at the moment. Life sucks. Hope things get better for you too. Let's hope 2008 turns out better!. Do you think there would be enough people interested in an evening GWE meeting??

Vi said...

I hope things are getting better. Just wanted to let you know the parcel has been posted...finally. lol