Thursday, February 18, 2010

Granny's Flower

I have stopped raiding the scrap boxes and the hexagons have stopped multiplying (for the time being anyway). They are now sat in a box, having all been sorted and are waiting to be stitched together into a wild and wonderful rainbow cushion.
This one could be a while in the making, there are way over 100 of these things waiting to be stitched together. After sorting them in to some sort of order, I had a few left over. Enough to make a little flower pincushion. There is a dark and a light side, so when I get bored of one I can flip it over for a while and enjoy the other.Although there is less variation in colour and pattern, the dark side is my current favourite but I'm sure that will change from time to time. Stitching here at Angelcat Manor may slow down a bit over the coming days. My wrist is hurting.

I'm such a drama queen, this picture makes it look like I've broken the thing, but really it's only aching a bit and wrapped up in some tubigrip for support :) Have no idea what I've done, only that it's not right. I'm sure I should probably just rest it for a couple of days, but the rainbow of hexagons are clamouring to get out of the box.


Jane said...

Hope the wrist heals very soon. My favourite side is the light side. Look forward to seeing all the hexagons joined together

coral-seas said...

I was going to say ... hope the wrist heals quickly, looking forward to seeing the hexes joined up and I like the pin cushion.

Miss 376, beat me to it and I won't want to do a straight copy but I can't think of anything else to say today, so ... I'll say what she said :-)