Thursday, February 11, 2010

Insomnia Rules

I'm kind of getting used to not sleeping anymore, and sometimes the extra hours in the day are nice! Last night I put them to good use.
I pulled out a bunch of CDs that I fancied listening to.... Went fishing under the sink and pulled out the long neglected dye boxes and put the microwave to good use.
It's a simple process, damp your cloth, stick it in a bowl and sprinkle over some dye. The above picture is before 'cooking. The one below is what the same piece looked like fresh out of the microwave. I gave some quilting cotton and some muslin the same treatment in the same dye bowl. Here they are hanging side by side.
As well as the greens I also mixed some some red and yellow for some orangey tones.
Got some fun results with this mix, but then again I love these colours so may be I'm a little biased.Of course as soon as the fabrics come out one or the other of the cats has to come an oversee what is happening. On this occasion Pip thought that the undyed fabrics on the table had been put there especially to make a bed for him.


Jane said...

Have you got plans for these fabrics?

Doreen G said...

I like what you have achieved here Angela.
I would like to know what you did to achieve it.

Karen said...

you have got some fantastic surfaces there that will make wonderful pieces. I admire people who dye fabric. I am so obsessed I only see the mess!

Vi said...

Hi Angela, Vi Here. Decided to blog this year, after a year of not blogging..check it out if you wish. Looks like my collection of cds in your photo. lol
Dying looks like fun..yours looks great!