Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheddar Gorge

Training for the Lakes continued last weekend with a lovely walk round Cheddar Gorge. The weather was beautiful and the paths were muddy so plenty of fun to be had :) It was a really nice route, and I managed to survive not one but three uphill climbs along the way.
First climb was up from Cheddar village through a wooded path, with lots to see along the way, beautiful moss covered woodland and hidden caves.The climb was well worth the effort, the views over the gorge were magnificent.
There were plenty of local characters to see along the way. Back down in the valley there was more woodland walking. Past gurgling streams .... ... and wonderful sunlit walls, with moss sparkling like emeralds in the sun. In the fading light there was time for one more climb, again the views were pretty spectacular. The day ended with sunlight through the trees.... ... and a beautiful sunset over the Cheddar Reservoir.

My parting shot today is something a bit different. Those of a sensitive nature may want to look away now :) If you have been reading for a while you know I have a habit of sharing my walking feet with you. Today I'm going to share the dangers of walking muddy pathways. I slipped over not once but twice for good measure.
The only thing missing is a tail and you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a shot of a hippo after a nice mud bath :)


Jane said...

Same state as the boys the last time they came back from the park, lol. As long as you had fun. There is some stunning scenery around there, makes you feel very small.

coral-seas said...

Just wondering how you managed to take that picture of your own rear ;-)

Beautiful sceenery. Your walking blogs are reminding me how much I enjoy walking and how much I miss it.