Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Day at the Natural History Museum

Due to some health issues I haven't been out of the house much in the last couple of weeks. However I'd had a day out in London planned for a while so rather than waste the money that I had already spent I made myself go.

Spent the majority of the day at the Natural History Museum. I had my new camera with me but it's a tricky place to get pictures as lots of different lighting and reflections from the glass display cases. This is a picture of the main entrance hall, just as the museum was about to close, I love how the night sky and street lights light up the windows.
There is so much to see at the museum. There are lots of stuffed animals and birds in the historical collections, I find it pretty disturbing looking at them. This poor little chap in particular stole my heart, he looks so sad. All in all I had a fabulous day, and spent a long time giggling at various incarnations of myself in the fun mirrors.

Look forward to going back again soon.

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