Monday, February 15, 2010

The end of Insomnia?

After several weeks of not sleeping I finally took some advice from my doctor and accepted some sleeping pills. I took one the other day and zonked out for 12 hours straight. What does the result of 12 hours snoring look like?
Well it takes the shape of a very bad hair morning, lol. I had to laugh at myself. I took this snap in the bathroom where I have a copy of my favourite painting hanging, The Birth of Venus. Why couldn't I have been reborn out of my sleep deprived state looking like this?Thankfully the birds nest effect didn't last the whole day. I managed to contain the mess under a beanie that I made a while back. Here I am ready to go out walking.
I'll share the magic of my walk another day.


Jane said...

Glad you got some sleep, who cares what the result is in the morning

KimP said...

Well,the hair actually looks the same as the painting! You just happen to be clothed. : ) Glad you got some rest - if you slept that long, then you needed it. Have a great day, Angela.

coral-seas said...

So sorry to laugh so long and so hard but it is only because I recognise the image. I have seen it in my own bathroom mirror more than once :-D

Glad you got some sleep and hope that your sleep issues ae soon resolved.