Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Natural Magic

Went for a walk down the local footpath the other day. It was a beautiful, grey skies and sunshine kind of day. I was heading for.
Squirrels Rest is a little spot along the path where some kind souls have set a lovely bench and lots of bird feeders. There are a couple of really fat squirrels who hang out there snaffling all the peanuts and seeds so my aim was to take the new camera and get a few shots.
Is there anything better than blue skies and trees. I love trees.
Isn't it amazing what a difference perspective the weather casts over even the most familiar landscapes. Takes these trees from one of my snowy walks posts.

Don't they look different enclosed by green and blue instead of blanketed in white.
Well I got to squirrels rest, the birds were restless and there wasn't a squirrel in sight. I hung around for a bit in the cold but just couldn't get anything photo wise so decided to head back home. On the way back down the path some reflections caught my eye and on a whim I decided to stop for a photo or two. That's when Sol decided to reveal her magic to me.

This beautiful ray of perfect sunlight appeared. My picture is a poor imitation. It was beautiful to see this natural spotlight warming up the earth, making her ready for spring. With this kind of magic in the air I decided to try my luck again at Squirrels Rest so rather than return home back I went.

Low and behold Mr Squirrel was sitting there waiting for me. This guy isn't the fattest of the bunch but he was the only one who deigned to show his face.

The birds were also in friendlier mood, maybethey could tell I had been touched by magic.The long tailed tit is a favourite of mine. I was treated to not just one but a whole flock.Beautiful. I didn't want to out stay my welcome and determined to head home before the magic wore off I trode the path back.

The footpath is an old canal path, parts of the canal are currently being restored by volunteers. On the way home I came across a bag of rusty treasures that had escaped my notice on the way out. I had to stick my head in and take a quick shot. Love all the yummy textures and colours.

I also loved the way that the sunlight was hitting the remains of the lightening tree - one of my favourite sights on this particular walk.

For an instant I thought 'wouldn't it be great if all the sky behind this was all blue' but it's really only on the grey sunshiny days that you get this wonderful light that I love so much.I also loved how the outside of the tree was lit with the warming sunlight yet the hollowed out insides were still shrouded in darkness. This tree may not be whole anymore but the bark is still throwing its protective arms around the secrets this tree holds inside.
Did I tell you how I love the magic of these grey, blue and sunshine days? I did? Well I guess there is nothing more for me to say....


Jane said...

Looks beautiful. I love the textures and patterns of bark

Vicki W said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. It was nice to see blue skies and it brightened my day on this snowy grey day in February.

Vi said...

Beautiful Photo's. I love seeing photo's of your walks. :-)
Thanks for your comment, really enjoying the sculpturing...making the Dragon tomorrow.
And yes is great to be in touch again. :-)