Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local Walking - Cycle Route 4

Another rainy day another local walk.
From my house you can walk a big circular route down by the river Avon through the town centre and then back over the river and through farmland. Much of the route follows paths which form part of Route 4 of the National Cycle Network.
I'm not one to condone graffiti (though some of it can be very artistic) and vandalism, but I kinda liked how the spray paint on this way marker looked. The path which runs near the river in town takes you past this 'Millennium Wall' made up on hundreds of tiles decorated by local school children to mark the Millennium. (I will do another post about this wall when I get more time). The River Avon runs right through the centre of town. Plenty of ducks and swans hang out by the town bridge hoping to get fed a slice or two of bread :) A few lucky people live alongside the river.
I liked all of the different roofs and windows in this scene, both real and reflected.
Just as I was about to leave the riverside, it stopped raining and the sun tried to come out. Here she is reflected in the river nestled among some tree branches.
I wonder where my next walk will take me and what I will see along the way?

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Vi said...

Hi Angela,
Oh :-( sorry ya didn't get to see Ac/Dc, damn hey.
It would be great to meet up, can ya email me & I'll let you know dates we'll be in your area and work something out. :-) I'm not sure what your email is..otherwise I would email you. ;-)