Friday, February 12, 2010

Playing with a Canon

I went to a concert at the end of last week which gave me some opportunity to play with the new camera. I have to admit that I'm not one for trying to get the perfect picture in this kind of setting, I'm at a gig to enjoy the music and have a good time. I get the camera out for a couple of snaps then I'm done.

The new camera has a couple of different settings for use at night time or for taking pictures in dark settings. So I had a quick play with them all. My pictures weren't brilliant but certainly a lot better than I would have gotten with my previous compact. A little more practise and I'm sure I'd be able to get some pretty good concert snaps.

Of my efforts last week, this one was my favourite. I had others that were more in focus, but there is just something about this one that speaks to me. For me it just captures something of the experience of going to a gig, I just have to take a look at this and I'm right back in there getting squashed in the crowd :)

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