Thursday, August 03, 2006

In Progress

Well as I mentioned yesterday I am so far behind with my swap commitments its unreal. I have been working on several swaps at once this evening. The creative bug has really bitten today and I am feeling very motivated. It's just about midnight here and I am not ready to call it a day yet so I thought I'd share my works in progress.

First off here is the base for a 'Leaves' postcard swap on BQLPC. I have just taken a piece of muslin and randomly attached some skeleton leaves using a glue stick. The next step will be to stitch the leaves down so they are a bit more secure and then I'm sure I'll be adding some embellishment not sure what yet.

Next up is a swap for the advanced group, 'mermaids and mermen' I was thinking with going for a merman but kinda got stuck for ideas. As you might know I am not very good at drawing so I asked Mark to design something for me, he sketched this sexy mermaid. This is my first attempt at using oil pastels on fabric so I don't know what the end result will be like but I'm pleased with the way this is shaping up so far.

Finally I have also been working on another swap for the advanced group, 'mother nature'. I used a copy right free image for this and changed a few of the features. I've used fabric pens to colour her in and some tulip paint to add some detail to her hair, bodice and bangles. Again I've not entirely decided on all the detail that will go into finishing her, but so far so good.

I guess if there is any chance that I will be able to get up in time for work tomorrow I had better hit the hay.

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Veleta (Sammy) said...

Angela... you are so talented woman! You need to really let people see your art!

Am wondering where is did you get the copy free drawing of the lady sitting with her legs crossed.. that would make a awesome beaded doll!!

Will check you blog a lot!