Sunday, August 20, 2006


It's 2:30am here and for the life of me I just can't get to sleep and it's driving me crazy as I know I will be miserable and tired all day tomorrow. I've been to bed but I just can't sleep so I've gotten back up again to try and make myself sleepy.

The problem is with Mark in bed and Emily and Tyler asleep downstairs there isn't really anywhere for me to go so here I am at the computer. I've occupied myself for a bit making some ATC's for a swap.

It's the first time I've attempted ATC's, these are paper/card ones and I'm really quite pleased with the way they have turned out. Unfortunately I can't post a picture yet as the scanner would make far too much noise so I will have to come back at a decent hour and add some photos then!

Ok well it's now 11:30pm on Sunday and thankfully I did manage to get some sleep at 4am this morning. Stayed in bed until about 10 so do not feel as tired as I might have. I finally juet remembered to take some pics of the ATC's that I made. 3 cats and 3 vintage. The middle cats hasn't come out very well though as I have totally embossed the front so it just kept catching the light.

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