Monday, August 28, 2006


I mentioned in my weird week entry that I did a lot of packing for Dad in preparation for his house move next week.

One of the jobs we did was to go through a stack of bags which had old photos in. Most of them were actually my Great Aunt's photos, and there were some amazing vintage images that I have kept from these that I might be able to scan and use in some altered art projects in the future.

There were some of our family photos as well although the main albums Dad thought had already been stored somewhere safe in a box.

Here are a couple of photos that I rescued from the rubbish pile. Dad didn't want to keep them as the actually images of us are very small on the photos but I loved the images and knew that I caould scan and resize them. I guess I can only have been a couple of years old here. My Dad looks crazy pulling faces and having a lark and this is how I remember him always to be when I was growing up. He also had all sorts of wild hair days (before he went bald, giggle!) and crazy moustache's. My Mum looks so young here I guess she must be around 25 here. It's odd as I can't quite remember her ever looking like this but then I guess we don't retain that many clear memories from when we were 2 more impressions, I think she looks beautiful. I miss her everyday.

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