Monday, August 07, 2006

Camping in Herefordshire

This weekend we went camping in Herefordshire. We stayed in a little village called Mordiford just outside Hereford at the Lucksall campsite. It was sort of an early birthday celebration as Mark will probably have to work late on the day of my birthday itself, plus it was the only time we could celebrate together as Emily and Tyler will be back with us next weekend.

On Saturday morning we walked round the town of Hereford itself and found it to be a really lovely place, lots of things to see and do and plenty of shops to walk round. Here is a view of Hereford Cathedral taken from the River Wye which runs through the town.

We ate lunch in the cathedral courtyard, which had a beautiful flower bed packed with all sorts of different flowers all were crawling with insects and butterflies. I'm no gardener so I don't know any names but I particularly loved these yellow flowers.

In the afternoon we went walking from a village called Hoarwithy, mid point of the walk was to visit the remains of an abandoned church, it was so peaceful we were the only visitors. Apart from the church the walk was a bit of a disappointment, lots of country lanes and uninteresting fields. My legs were aching no end as we had already done lots of walking round Hereford so for the first time ever I had to give in. I couldn't make the last mile back to the car so sat by the side of the road and waited for Mark to come and fetch me.

Yesterday on the way back we stopped in Gloucester for the day, another cathedral city with lots of interesting things to see and do. We ate a wonderful lunch by the quayside and then took a mini boat excursion down the severn canal. What a wonderful weekend.

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Ginabee said...

Your photos are wonderful. I love the arches, what inspiration for crafting!