Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snake Charmer

As we speak I am still 7 swaps behind, but I'm also still working hard to catch up. I really want to be all up to date by the time I head off for my holiday at the start of September.

Today I have been working on a swap for the Fabricards yahoo group. The theme was India. My first thought was an elephant but a couple of the cards that I have received so far have had an elephant theme so I thought I would go for a snake charmer instead.

I have never tried a silhouette before so thought I'd use that idea for this set of cards. I used fabric pen directly onto the orange background fabric and then stitched round the outline to make the shapes stand out a bit more. Quite simple but I hope effective, I guess I will find out what everyone thinks when the cards start arriving at their destinations.


AliKat (WOTFGM's) said...

When I first saw it I was wondering how you made the charmer stand out. You are a smart cookie and a great fibre artist.

Happy Belated Birthday ((((HUGS)))


Helen in the UK said...

This card is wonderful. Amazing how effecive a silhouette can be :)