Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mother Nature

My mother nature cards are finished! I complered the sewing up of them this evening. I was feeling really tired after driving to Stevenage and back this weekend to pick up my sister and nephew and wasn't thinking of doing any sewing but with everyone else just sat round watching TV I knew I couldn't do that for long without falling asleep so decided to finish these up instead.

They are almost a month behind which I feel really badly about but I am doing my best to catch up with everything. I know I over committed but having semi-permanent house guests isn't helping either as I just don't get as much me time these days.


laura west kong said...

wonderful! I love the green hair.

CalicoDaydreams said...

I saw the picture and was thinking "wow, I want one of these".

Then I saw they were for the Mother Nature swap so I do get one! Yeah!

Can't wait- that is so beautiful. I like your lace card as well!