Monday, August 07, 2006

Experiments with my camera

After I had admitted defeat and was sitting by the roadside waiting for Mark to come and fetch me in the car I had little to do but mess around with my camera. I am not a particularly good photographer and have inherited Mark's little digital camera as he has recently bought himself a digital SLR (Check out some of his photos at

Anyway I discovered a couple of neat settings which allow you to take photos in Sepia and black and white which I thought was pretty nifty as I know with some cameras you have to mess around in photoshop to get these effects.

Well being as I was at the side of the road there wasn't really that much of interest for me to take but here are my first experiments in sepia and black and white. I am particularly enamoured with the sepia setting, very victorian, and the vintage look is still very in so I might be able to capture some interesting images to use in my mixed media projects.

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