Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Something Different

Ok so now I am only 6 swaps behind :) but by the time Friday comes around another deadline looms :( I guess it just serves me right for signing up for too many swaps :) I can't help it they are addictive!

Well here is something different. For a 'Circles and Curves' swap I decided to make the whole card a circle. Not sure how these will go down as I know that some people really just like their 6 X 4 cards but I did check with the list owner first so hopefully they will be ok.

I used some of the fabric that I microwave dyed the other weekend and added some fab sequins that I bought from a great US online store Cartwrights. A great place for sequins and beads and super fast and friendly service too!


Helen in the UK said...

I love it! Like the way the sequins follow the curve in the colour and you've echoed it again with the varigated thread to finish. I doubt you'll get any complaints!

Simonetta said...

Hi Angela, that great joy to find again you in the web-blog!!!!
Your PostCards are always very beautiful:)))