Monday, February 28, 2011

Marching On

Here we are just a day away from welcoming in another new month. It hardly seems a few days since we were doing the same for February.

I guess it's time for confession - how well did I get on with the goals that I set myself.
  • Complete Mug Rugs for swap - Done
  • Start work on 2 pay it forward gifts - I haven't blogged about these yet but I do have fabrics really and projects prepared for these, so I guess I can call this done too as the goal was only to make a start
  • Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Done. I made 4 chequerboard blocks, 2 ATCs and a coil pot.
  • Work on the Tigers cross stitch - Done
  • Make something for the 3 creative studios colour palette challenge - Done. My goddess doll was made
  • Participate in the bloggers pillow party - Done.
  • Finish Doodle Stitch A Long - Done
  • Make something for the BQL Skinny Swap - Total Failure on this one didn't manage to get it off the ground
  • Make some Zombie Pumpkins - Done. Eleven Zombies made so far.
Well I think only one failure is pretty good in all of that list. Let's hope I can do as well in March. This is what is on the list.
  • Participate in the bloggers pillow party
  • Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge
  • Finish 'Iris' for the 3creative Studios challenge
  • Work on Lakeside Farm Cross Stitch
  • Finish One of my PIF gifts
  • Participate in Stitched in Colors - Bottled Rainbows Challenge
  • Catch up on the Birdie Stitches Block of the Month Project.
  • Make some more Pumpkins
Phew, I think that is a pretty ambitious plan, but apart from a long weekend away at the end of the month it should be a fairly quiet one, so there will hopefully be lots of time for stitching.

Wish Me Luck


Jane said...

Lovely to look back over the month and see what you've accomplished

coral-seas said...

You did really well last month. It was a long list, so hardly surprising that you did not complete it all. You seem to have set yourself as big a challenge this month.

Sarah said...

Good job - it was a big challenge. Im a big list maker, I just love to tick off my completed items (and if I'm honest I always add something already finished so I can start with one tick - sad or what!!)

Lilian Pilar said...

your cart red ... I loved you just a question like joining?? "
px embroidery on beautiful, tigers are real ... great week and that color will come in March??

(traductor google)

Beth said...

Wow Angela, I am really impressed with your done list. I guess I better get started whacking away at my own projects.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

You did a wonderful job on your goals, challenging yourself really seems to pay off. Good luck this month.