Friday, February 25, 2011

Dartmoor - Compasses and Creature Comforts

This is the last of my posts about the recent weekend we spent in Dartmoor. It's wonderful walking across the wide open moor but navigation can be tricky sometimes. Compass and map are definitely advisable.Even on a clear bright day like the one we had it's better to be safe than sorry and stop every once in a while to make sure you're still heading along in the right direction.Here's Dave taking the weight off for a couple of minutes to check the map. What a beautiful place to stop and relax for a while. I really fell in love with this gorgeous little clapper bridge with it's amazing views out over the wide open moor.
Not all the walking was quite so picturesque though. We had a nice muddy field path or two to navigate. But hey who says squelching in the mud for a while can't be fun too :)The walk soon took us out of the fields again and back on to the Moor, where we encountered some of the local wild ponies.Who wouldn't want to be a pony when you get to live in such an amazingly beautiful place. After all that walking though - about seven miles in all - it was time to seek out some creature comforts of our own.A delicious pint of local cider ........ and a chance to warm the extremities on an open fire. I do hope that it won't bee too long before we visit Dartmoor again.


Anita said...

My first thought was that your shoes are awfully clean for slogging in the mud. :D I would certainly like to be a pony out on those moors, it looks so lovely. I would insist on some of that cider though. Yum, you made me thirsty! Thanks again for sharing your trip!

Amanda said...

It's the promise of what lies at the end of the walk that so often keeps me going when the going gets tough!

Connie said...

Beautiful photos! Love the wild ponies and.....the drink at the end.