Thursday, February 17, 2011


You may have noticed that the stitching content on this blog has been a bit sparse this week. It's been such a hectic week that I haven't really had much time to spend with needle in hand. What time I have had has been spent on these.
These heads are waiting to be stitched and stuffed and joined to the poor headless bodies that I have floating around the place. I'm hoping to get these done in the next couple of evenings so that I can work on some new stuff at the weekend.


Anita said...

Those are freakishly awesome. :)

Amanda said...

How bizarre. That's the problem though with starting something new. It rapidly becomes something old and needs to be got finished so that we can start another something new.

coral-seas said...

On the way to work, I was mentally writing a blog about stitching the same thing twice! How many pumpkin heads do you have there?

As Anita said, they look a little freakish at the moment :LOL:

Vi said...

Awesome! Love them...Looking forward to seeing an army of finished pumpkinheads. lol