Saturday, April 24, 2010


In my last post I mentioned the walk in the sunshine that I took, so I figured I should share with you a few snaps I took along the way.
Visited the beautiful chalk down landscape around Uffington which forms part of the Ridgeway. It really is a fantastic landscape steeped in ancient history. There is a wonderful white horse carved in to the hill side. It's difficult to get a full view of it though. This is the best shot I managed, lol.
To see a proper view of the horse take a look here. Standing on top of the horse on a beautiful blue skies day the view is amazing. In this next shot, you can see the eye and ear of the horse looking down over dragon hill and out over the landscape beyond.
On top of the hill you can also explore the ramparts of Uffington castle an iron age hill fort. My picture of the ramparts doesn't really show them in their full grandeur but I had to get a shot of the bit that was covered in sheep :)
There were hundreds of cute sheep grazing the hill on the day we visited. It was fun to pretend I was a shepherdess tending her flock in the magnificent sunshine for a while :) Also reminded me that I must get on and work on my sheep sampler too.
This little expedition took place the other day on an afternoon off work. We did this walk which as well as exploring white horse hill took in some beautiful countryside, a wonderful village full of thatched roof cottages, and the magical Waylands Smithy long barrow (one of my favourite places). I'll tell you a bit more about that part of the walk another time. For now here is a quick peek at one of the beautiful country lanes that we strolled down.


Melinda Cornish said...

what a beautiful place for a walk.....

Val said...

Lovely pix Angela - breathtaking countryside!