Thursday, April 29, 2010

Woolstone and Waylands Smithy

As promised this post is about the second half of the walk we did around Uffington last week. The pretty country lane that I showed at the very end of the last post led to the little village of Woolstone. There were some magnificent thatched buildings in the village but when I got back and downloaded my photos I realised I hadn't taken any pictures of them, doh!
Never mind that will give me something to do when I go back next time. I do have plenty of pictures to share of the village church though.
The church was open and we were the only visitors so we got to have a good look around. I picked up a really interesting information leaflet all about the history of the church and was going to share it with you, unfortunately I forgot to take the leaflet out of my trousers before they went in to the washing machine!! Anyway you can read a little about the villages history here and it has a couple of details on the church.
About the only thing I can remember from the leaflet I read is that this font is apparently very unusual because its made out of lead.
There were plenty of wonderful things to see in the church I really liked this carved stone statue, but my favourite thing was the church organ which was magnificently lit in the sunlight streaming through one of the church windows.
I love the rich colours in this close up shot
but I thought that all the shadowing might make a good black and white shot too, so I had a go at converting it and liked how it came out and then couldn't decide which one to share so I thought I'd just go with both.
After wandering round the village and church, we headed out to another lovely feature on the Ridgeway, Waylands Smithy a long barrow burial site. Waylands Smithy is one of my favourite places in the world, it's just so serene and nestled in a grove of magnificent trees it is a magical place to visit.
There was only one other visitor at the time we went and the beautiful weather made the visit all the more magical.
The perfect place to rest weary walking feet after a wonderful few hours romping through the countryside.

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