Monday, April 19, 2010

Live Music

At the end of last month we got to go to a couple of great gigs so I had another chance to practise with my camera.
I'm a little disappointed with my efforts, especially at the Quireboys gig as we were right at the front in a really small venue so practically standing on the stage with the band (infact we were able to steal a couple of the left over bottles of beer that the band left on stage!).
Going to see the Quireboys again in a couple of weeks and have another couple of shows lined up too so there will be more opportunity for me to practise.
I have to confess that even after all these months I still haven't read the manual that came with the camera so I guess I really should as that might help me in getting some better shots in low light conditions.
Of all the shots I think that this one might be my favourite, I just love the fact that it's just a big blur of hair and light and movement :)

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Vi said...

Sounds like a good night Angela, good one on the free beer. hehe