Thursday, April 01, 2010

Listmania - March/April

You might remember that my goals for March were quite quite a few, it's time again to confess how well I did trying to meet them
  • Siberian Gold - keep up the steady progress - Done

  • Happy Postcards - need to be in the mail by 10th March - Done

  • Faces Postcards - need to be in the mail by 21st March - Done

  • Finish the knitting - As you already know legs have been added but it didn't get finished.

  • Make at least three crochet squares - I am determined to teach myself crochet this year!
    - Finally I made a start with the crochet hook, I'll be blogging about it, but I didn't get anywhere near meeting the 3 squares goal, oops!

  • Hexagons Pillow - 10 rows joined as promised

  • Blackbird - I want to have this one finished. - Haven't picked up the needle on this one so total failure :(

  • Blackwork sheep - My black work flock is complete :)

  • Secret Project - This is done. It will be a while before it gets to its new owner though so I'm not going to reveal the whole things until then. (The pictures in this post are all from the secret project).

  • Secret Project 2 - This was a no start I decided not to go ahead with this project in the end. Now it's time to move on to the list for April. Even though I having a long list means that I don't always manage to get everthing complete it is nice to have a choice of things to work on depending on how the mood takes me so I'll continue to set a long list I think.

  • Siberian Gold - Keep Plugging away, I'm going to set myself a mini goal of completing one needleful of thread on this a day.

  • Hexagons Pillow - add the final 5 rows and attach border fabric.

  • Sheep Sampler - Felt sheep

  • Crochet - So last month I failed at making 3 sqaures but I'm going to set myself a 3 square challenge again.

  • Knitting - get this one finished

  • Blackbird - I want to make a little progress on this one in April, at least pick up a needle :)

  • revamp cat squares cushion - this is something new for the list, I'll tell you more in another post

  • Nan's quilt - this is a ufo and another new one for the list
  • Garden Postcards - Need to be in the mail by 10th April
  • Doll Swap - Needs to be in the mail by 14th April

  • Spring Colours Postcards - need to be in the mail by 15th April
Wow, now I'm looking at it all written down that is a huge list. (You could be forgiven for thinking it's an April Fool, but it's really not, lol) I'm definately going to need to get organised (and give up housework for the month!) if I'm to try and achieve even half of this. Wish me luck.


Miss 376 said...

Intriguing pictures of the secret project, can't wait to see that revealed. You have a lot of things to be out by the middle of the month, good job it's a holiday weekend.

Doreen G said...

I bow to your persistence Angela---well done on your achievements last month.