Thursday, April 08, 2010

Local Walking - Castle Combe

The last couple of weeks have been a real mixed bag round here weather wise. We've had blue skies and sunshine, grey skies and hail and everything in between (and sometimes we've had all of these on the same day!). I love the British weather you never can tell from day to day what you're going to get.
On one particularly sunny Sunday a couple of weeks ago we took a beautiful walk round and about the pretty village of Castle Combe. The village has been used as a location for several movies so if you ever get the chance to wander round it yourself it might already seem very familiar! I wish I had taken more advantage of the beautiful blue skies at the start of the walk and taken some more shots in the village.
By the time we got back at the end of the walk the sun had disappeared and it had become quite overcast. You can see what difference a couple of short hours can make by the difference in the sky in these two street scenes.
Anyway enough of the weather and on to the walking. After a stroll through Castle Combe it was time to head up and out of the village to a lovely wooded path. This actually turned out to be my favourite part of the whole walk. It was fabulous to be surrounded by these huge trees.
I just loved these spectacular tangles of roots anchoring these giants to their spot in the earthy ground.
And with the sun shining there were plenty of wonderful textures, patterns and shadows on display. Coming out of the woods we wandered past a farm with a field full of adorable piggies. This picture makes me smile. I love that one piggy has a curly tail while the other is hanging down straight.
All the wandering through wild woods and prancing with piggies is certainly thirsty work. Luckily we happened on a pub at the half way point of the walk :)
The intention was just to stop for a drink but the menu had me salivating so food was ordered too, and we got to eat outside in the sunshine what a fabulous treat for March. My lunch looked more like a work of art than a plate of food. Grilled sardines, delicious!
Thankfully there was still plenty of walking to do to wear off a few of the calories :) I fell in love with this lovely little Church of St John at Ford.
I just loved the different colours in materials used in the building and who wouldn't love this wonky looking steeple?I loved this walk, who could think of a better way to pass a lazy Sunday afternoon?

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Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures from your walks. Do you need to drive to get to most of them?