Monday, April 05, 2010

Birmingham at Night

As well as visiting the Embroidery show at the NEC, I stayed overnight in the centre of Birmingham as a little treat to myself. I went to university in Birmingham so will always have a soft spot for the city as it holds so many dear memories of fun and carefree times.

I had a chance to do a little wandering after dark so here is a little snapshot of Birmingham at night.
This first one is the view from my hotel room. So it might not be the prettiest but I think the urban landscape has a beauty all of it's own.

I'm starting to enjoy the solitude in taking the odd trip here or there on my own. Travelling on my own (even to familiar places, makes me feel a lot braver than I really am too, lol, so it's a good boost for the old self confidence) the only downside I find is meal times. Here's what dinner for one looks like.I rarely visit Birmingham without it raining and this trip was no exception. Not long after I left the hotel for my wander it started tipping down. Luckily it was late night shopping so I managed to grab myself a brolly. These brave souls are doing a lot better at keeping up their umbrellas than I did!
The revamped shopping centre - The Bullring - has already become an iconic Birmingham image. Here it is all lit up in the darkness, I love all of the reflections of light in the pavement caused by the rain.
There are also some beautiful civic buildings in the town centre but I have to admit that most of my photos were really poor. The best of the bunch is this one of the town hall.
And to finish off this post a somewhat random shot taken in the hotel lift. There was just something about the simple number layout and the colours that appealed to me.
Hope you enjoyed this whistle stop tour of Birmingham at night.

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