Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter Rambling

This last weekend was a lovely long one as we had the bank holiday to welcome in the New Year. We spent New Years Eve celebrating with some good friends, then had a nice lazy 1st of January. On Sunday though we polished off the walking boots and took a wander down some country lanes to see what we could see and to maybe work off one or two of the excess Christmas calories.As you can tell from this first picture it was a pretty grey day so maybe not the best for photography, but it was lovely to see some green again now the snow has disappeared.Even on a grey day there is plenty to see and wonder at if you just keep your eyes peeled. I couldn't get a good picture but I love the little red shoots on these thorny branches, a gentle reminder that nature is beginning to think about awakening and regrowth again.We wandered past a field of mud covered cows. They were hiding behind a hedge and I think they were fascinated by this silly human who kept trying to shove her camera through the gaps in the hedge, shouting at them to say cheese.After keeping the cows entertained for a while our wander continued down the lanes. Passing more green fields and verge side plants.Before reaching the village that was our destination we stumbled across some more large animals to talk to.This chap was pretty friendly so we passed the time of day and left with a promise to bring polos next time we passed his way.After walking in that cold it was time to venture to village pub and enjoy some refreshment by the open fire before making the journey home again. Can't think of a nicer way to pass some free time on a winters day.

The weekend is almost upon us again, we have no particular plans I guess we'll just see where the mood takes us. Whatever you're up to hope you have a lovely time this weekend.

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coral-seas said...

When I went out to top up the bird feeders this morning I noticed that the daff-down-dillies are already poking their noses through the ground. At the weekend I will look for signs of snowdrops, if they are through they will soon be blooming.

Spring is on the way :-D