Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food Glorious Food

Food has always played a big part in my life i.e I eat way too much of the stuff, lol I used to be really bothered about being over weight and hated how I looked, but over recent years I've grown to be a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I haven't given up my eternal goals of getting fitter and losing a few more pounds but I just don't beat myself up over it as much these days.
Bubbling pans and a big pot of veg curry
Although I've always enjoyed eating food until recently I never felt very comfortable in the kitchen doing the actual cooking. That has really changed recently and with a bit of practise and plenty of encouragement I've discovered a real love of gathering up lovely fresh raw ingredients and cooking from scratch.

Home Grown Chillis

I'm not sure why the sudden sea change, maybe it's just me that's changed, maybe my memories have become twisted over time but when I look back now meal times used to be about cooking something as fast and convenient as possible to quickly satisfy rumbling tummies and make more time to move on to other things.

Candlelit dinner for two

These days I don't worry if dinner takes 2 hours to prepare and cook as I know they will be 2 hours filled with laughter and chatter and the sharing of the days highs and lows. The main problem these days is we both love to cook, so there is always a fight about who is going to be the day's head chef :) Maybe this hat, as modelled by the lovely Mr Tickle, will help :)

So now I'm getting better in the kitchen if anyone wants to share there favourite home cook recipes please feel free :)


Amanda said...

Yummy looking veg curry; that's one of our staples too. I know what you mean about being more comfortable in your skin. Since I've retired from teaching I've put on weight, but I'm not so bothered about it these days; it seems to have gone on all over as well, rather than just on my tummy like before, so I still fit most of my clothes. When I was working full time food was largely a business of getting things together as quickly as possible, but these days, with more time to cook I enjoy it more.

Anita said...

You veggie curry looks delish! Curry is a favorite in our house too, only my fam won't touch it if there isn't meat in it. I'm the only one that cooks though, I with I had someone fighting with me over who'll make the next meal. :)

Vi said...

oh yum!! Can I come to dinner? lol
I'm the same, I don't beat myself up about being overweight anymore. But I'm always aware that I do need to get fitter & healthier for me.
There's nothing better then creating a delicious meal from scratch. So much better then any quick meal. :-)

KimP said...

I feel the same way; I've recently gotten more interested in cooking, and I am enjoying it. I think it is because you and I have found someone wonderful to share the meals with! That makes the journey so much more than just eating to live.

coral-seas said...

I think the thing about feeling more comfortable in you own skin, is related to your new found happiness and it sounds to me like you have found a special person, one who makes you feel good about yourself.

I love cooking, J doesn't like to cook but most of the time he is in the kitchen assisting in some way (mostly clearing up and putting things away before I have had a chance to use them LOL)

The curry looks de-lish, it's a favourite in our home too but like Anita's family, mine demand meat at every meal!

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Love the chili pepper photo! And the curry looks good too! We haven't eaten curry since the kid came along--just waiting for his pallette to expand!