Monday, January 03, 2011

Let's Go Fly A Kite

The snow has pretty much disappeared around these parts now, but before it went we had time for one last foray in to the white world on my first ever kite flying adventure. A couple of months ago I had this dream that I was flying a kite on the beach. Never had a kite as a kid but since the dream it's been on my list of things to do before I die, lol.Dave remembered my dream and bought me a fabulous rainbow coloured beginners stunt kite for Christmas. You might be able to imagine how happy and excited I was opening up such a thoughtul gift.My first flying attempts didn't happen on the beach as you can see we were in a snowy field. Not the best day for photography or flying, but we had great fun trying to find somewhere exposed enough for a bit of breeze (I just couldn't wait for a properly windy day!!).After a couple of false starts and trying to get to grips with some basic knots for the control strings we had an absolutely brilliant couple of hours kite flying. I have to confess that it took me until almost the end of our outing to get to grips with it and get the kite in the air for more than a few seconds but when I did I just couldn't stop laughing and smiling.
This last shot is of me pretending to be a kite flying master, and actually it wasn't long after this that I did manage to get the kite up in the air. Can't wait to take it out again. Next stop the beach so I can really make that dream I had come true. X


Sue said...

Uphill Beach near WsM is great for kite-flying. If you fancy company, let me know! xxx

coral-seas said...

Someone who not only knows your dreams but someone who helps you make them come true, that is pretty special.

I hope more of your dreams come true in 2011.