Monday, January 17, 2011

A Package from Loopy Lou

We had a lovely time away at the weekend and of course I do have some pictures to share, but haven't had time to upload them to blogger yet. For now I want to tell you about the amazing Pay It Forward parcel I got from Loopy Lou on Friday.When I opened my parcel out came this fabulous bag, which served me well on my adventures at the weekend. I have been looking to get a new bag for a while, something big enough for me to carry my diary and reading book/kindle around in as well as all the usual stuff that we can't leave the house without and this is just perfect. Take a peek at the beautiful lining fabric too.Isn't that just yummy. But imagine my surprise and delight when I open the bag and this little lot came tumbling out ....... how spoilt am I? Well I'm not going to keep you in suspense these little packages contained so much treasureA beautiful pin cushion which I adore. I have a thing for pin cushions and have quite a little collection going on now. This one will be treasured.A lovely little holder for my crochet hooks (I am going to make yet another attempt this year to learn this craft).
There were also these beautiful cloths and towels. I mean wow receiving these wonderful gifts really made my week. But I'm not finished yet, Loopy Lou even thought of my darling kitties and including 5 of the cutest little cat toys one for each of my kids :)
Here is Pip taking first dibs on which will be his..... Molly quickly jumped in and took hers to the safety of the kitchen.

Thank you Loopy Lou :)

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Miss 376 said...

A pleasure! It was only because of one of your post a few weeks back I knew how many kitties there were, or else you may have had a fight on your hands