Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Weekend in Plymouth - Part One

Finally managed to get some time to get weekend photos off the camera and on to the computer. As there are quite a few pictures that I want to share and I don't like to spend a lot of time at the computer in the evening after a day of computer at work I think I'll end up with two or three posts to share.Anyway we had an absolutely lovely weekend away, and are hoping to go back again later in the year as we didn't really have time to explore properly. On Saturday we stopped at a place on the edge of Dartmoor called Ivybridge, as we had picked out a walking route to do.After driving through rain to reach Devon, we were lucky and is disappeared and we were left with fabulous views of wonderful rugged, wild, desolate moorland.It was a bit cold, but not uncomfortably so, and we set off up the first hill of the walk on to the fabulous moorland. Sadly it wasn't meant to be for us this time round....................... here we are pouting over the fact that we couldn't complete the walk. We got to the top of the hill and were greeted with total white out. We sat at the top of the hill for a while in the hopes that the cloud would pass but it just kept getting denser. As we were about to walk across open moorland with no landmarks in sight to even take a compass bearing we decided to be safe and make our way back down again.Rather than give up entirely we decided to stick to some low level below-the-mist-bank walking and struck out on the moor in a slightly different direction.We stumbled across this rather macabre sheep's head - maybe this poor little fellow got caught in a white out too. We may not have done the walk that we had hoped for but nonetheless we had a wonderful time on the moor and will definitely try again soon.Morris the Moose enjoyed his time trekking the moor too :)


Anita said...

It looks lovely, I'm sorry your original plans fell through. I can't wait to see the next installment, I'd love to visit your side of the pond one day but until then I just live vicariously through my blog friends :)

Jane said...

That would have been in my sons bag straight away!
Glad you had a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Shame you were defeated by the white-out. We too once found a sheep's skull on a moorland walk and it ended up coming home with us. It's spent the last 10 years sitting on our back gate-post grinning at passers by. It's quite good at deterring door-to-door salesmen too.