Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer in Autumn, getting the right tools for the job and confessions of a yarnaholic

I seem to be forever starting new projects at the moment. So much for my resolution at the beginning of the year to only start something new when something got finished ....perhaps I'll have better luck sticking to that philosophy next year ;)

The latest new start on the hook is a throw.  I've been promising my soon to be sister-in-law I'd make her something for a while.  So I recently sent her a bunch of pattern choices and asked her favorite colours.  What she doesn't know is this will become her Christmas present (all being well).

Blues and Greys are the colour palette I'm working with, yummy.  I picked up these relatively inexpensive giant balls of Hayfield Aran at Hobbycraft (they have 3 for 2 on all their yarn too).
The pattern I'm using is called Summer Mist you can find it on Ravelry here.  I was a little worried as so far I've made crochet in blocks and joined to make larger projects but this starts with one long chain.

I started with a plastic hook that I had at home (I think it might have been one of Mum's) and I started to get in a panic as it really wasn't going well.  I was just beginning to think I might have to go off and ask Sam to choose another pattern when I had the idea of trying another hook.

I had to go to 3 local stores (well when I say local they are all over North Wiltshire, but luckily places I regularly travel to for work) before I found somewhere that sold something other than plastic but finally came home with this beautiful wooden hook, double ended too.
Since the new hook came home with me I've been going great guns.  What a dream it is to work with, and what a difference having the right tools for the job makes.
I worked out that I need to hook up approximately 7 rows per week to have this finished in time for Christmas.  All the drama with the hook has put me 14 rows behind, lol.  But now I'm off and running these rows are coming together really quickly so shhhhhh I'm not going to say this too loudly but I'm hoping I'll get done way ahead of time.

Before I sign off I also have some yarny confessions to make...........while shopping for the hook I didn't have any cash on me, as the store is a small one I had to make a minimum spend to be able to use my debit card.  So these fabulous sock yarns reduced down in price by £5 a ball also came home with me ;)  (hmmmm you're meant to be reducing your stash not increasing it Angela!!!)
Also while hunting in the local charity shops at the weekend I came across these.

I have no idea what brand they are the band just says 'Spring Knitting Assortment' but they are a lovely colour and good quality cotton yarn so at 50p they just had to come and live with me. I have plans for them mwahhaha (that's supposed to be my evil laugh ... not sure I pulled it off though) ;)

Have you bought any scrumptious craft supplies recently?


Linda said...

Love your new start Angela. What a pretty design.


Jane Galley said...

There's no way you could turn away from a bargain like that. Enjoy your new throw, colours are lovely