Sunday, September 01, 2013

My week in snapshots

Wow, another week gone by already time really is marching on. Autumn is on its way and Christmas will be here before we know it, lol.

 I've had another really lovely week, even work has felt manageable ....maybe I've turned a corner with that at last or maybe having put in a job application with another company I've realised that with a bit of hard work and effort I really don't have to be stuck in an unhappy workplace forever. My future is in my own hands.

Curious squirrel. (This chap was very bold when we were picnicking in the park.  There was a group of about 15 of us but that didn't phase him he dashed straight up and ran away with an apple core)
Evening light at the local country park
Making eyes ..... baby owls just keep on hatching at my place at the moment :)
Simple, healthy, tasty suppers from my vintage china bowls
Waiting ...... my car had to go in for MOT this week.  Passed after adding a new bulb, phew!
And a fabulous family day in Oxford, with my little brother, his fiancee and one of their children
As for the coming week .... today I'm off to do some carbooting to try and get rid of some of the things that have become unnecessary clutter in my flat and James and I are going out to dinner in the week.  I also have a growing list of knit and crochet projects that people have asked for so a trip to the yarn store and a few evenings in front of the TV to get cracking on those will be in order too.

Hope you have all had an amazing week and have managed to squeeze in some fun every day x

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Jane Galley said...

My car is due for it's MOT in the next couple of weeks too. Hope the job application is successful x