Sunday, September 22, 2013

My week in snapshots

It's been an altogether quieter week at Angelcat Manor which has been really nice. I'm enjoying getting cosy in the evenings now that the nights are starting to draw in a bit. Had a tough week at work with some really heart wrenching cases to deal with so I've been glad of the evenings spent in quiet contemplation, with craft projects in hand and some interesting documentaries on TV providing some distraction every now and then too. (oh and in the interests of full disclosure I'm going to admit that I totally had a girl perv moment and rented Magic Mike on DVD too, lol).

Raindrops on the window against the night sky
Some new owls on the hook in a more muted colour palette
Lovely blue skies to end the week
Enjoying the view from my sofa.  I love that from my window you can see a window, not sure why that should make me happy but it does
Colourful wax pile in progress, looking forward to seeing how this develops over the winter.
Friday night treat.  After a particularly tough day at work, my lovely man treated me to a surprise bar of chocolate and my choice of dinner.  I don't often crave fish and chips but oh my these went down well.
This coming week I have dinner out with a girlfriend and lots of hooking planned.  Hope you all have a good one. xx

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Kate North said...

Looks like a lovely week - wish mine was as calm, though I have to admit, the trip up to town to see Othello was well worth the tiny bit of rushing involved. I don't think I stopped moving yesterday - apparently DH felt this way too, as he asked me, this morning as he was getting up - "It IS Monday, isn't it?" - I was delighted to say no... Today involves some birthday shopping for my elder DD in Kingston, so I can't imagine it will be calm, but perhaps it will be fun... Happy Sunday to you!