Wednesday, October 02, 2013

London May 2013

I'm still on my quest to put together some catch up posts for the things that I missed telling you about earlier in the year when I was on a bit of a blogging hiatus. April is done so time to move on to May. It was a fairly quiet month all told but with an amazing end... A trip to London. And my first time to see a real life full orchestra, exciting.
Of course we started out with some pre concert refreshments.  Burger and a beer for James, the most delicious avocado and bacon salad and a cider for me.
Then it was off to the Barbican for the main event.
Honestly it was amazing!  Wow I just can't describe how beautiful it is to sit in a room with the sound of an orchestra playing live in front of you ..... well I'm sure there is a good chance you've been to a concert and already know.

The music we were listening to was arranged from the scores of the Final Fantasy computer game series (see I told you the other day I'm a giant nerd!!)  James was super excited to catch a glimpse of the crazy Japanese maestro himself Nubuo Uematsu
Our trip to the capital finished the next day with breakfast sat outside in the sunshine and a wander from Shoreditch to Paddington to catch the train home.
Happy memories.

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