Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Something New - Threadkeeper

Way back when, you might remember me telling you all about my trip to Birmingham and my stitchy shopping spree at the NEC. Well I thought it was high time that I started on one of the kits that I treated myself too.
So I've been doing a little canvas work. I've been wanting to make myself a little scissor fob for a while, so when I saw this lovely kit from Sue Hawkins I couldn't resist. It's basically stitching in rounds using two different types of multi-coloured threads, a silk and a rayon. There are an interesting variety of stitches, and apart from not being able to figure out the instructions for marking out the starting place on the canvas (just made an educated guess in the end!) its really easy to follow the design instructions. So much so that I already have one side finished, it is only a small piece after all.
Hopefully the second half will come together just as quickly as this :)

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Vicki W said...

Now THAT is the kind of embroidery that I like to do.