Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing The Autumn Queen

I mentioned the other day that the tigers are going in to hibernation for a while, instead I will be working on one of Mum's other UFO's - The Autumn Queen. She is part of a set of 4, my sister has the three other pieces that Mum completed and wants the fourth so she can hang them up in her house.
This is as far as Mum got with her.
Mum has really already done the bulk of the work, Autumn really isn't too far off being finished. This kit has lots of beads and some strange fluffy white thread that I've not seen before, so should be interesting to work on. There are also some quite large blocks of colour in the patterning so in comparison with all the colour changes in the tigers I'm hoping that she will come together reasonably quickly. To start with I have some unpicking to do. It seems that all of the work on the sleeve is wrong so before I go any further that will all have to come out. It feels quite sad to be unpicking stitches that Mum put in, but it's out by quite a way so I can't just work round it without things looking odd, so there is nothing else for it some unravelling has to be done.


Jane said...

It will be lovely to have it completed and I am sure your mum would want you to put the sleeve right. My mum had done a bookmark when she was really ill, the stitching is quite rough for her, but I had to leave it as it was, lol. Emotions can do funny things to you. Enjoy finishing this

coral-seas said...

I can understand your sadness removing your Mum's stitching but it is what she would have done when she realised that the sleeve is out. Enjoy stitching it, I look forward to seeing it develop.

Vicki W said...

What a nice gift for your sister and a nice break from the tigers for you. Be sure to check my blog later today! Also, I need your mailing address to send you a little something.