Friday, July 09, 2010

Holiday Snapshot

So I've finally started going through the hundreds and millions of photos that I took while I was away. I'm sure I'll end up doing several posts about my trip but for now here is a quick post, mainly about where we stayed.
We had a lovely little apartment at Skelwith Bridge not too far out of Ambleside. Aptly named Ramblers Rest, we did so much walking rest was definitely the order of the day by the time each evening rolled around. The shot above is a quick snap of the outside. It was set in lovely grounds on a hill surrounded by woodlands. The next picture is the absolutely gorgeous view we had from the bedroom.
Wonderful isn't it? Even if we hadn't managed to get out and about exploring I would have been quite happy to sit on the patio watching the view in the constantly changing light. This next one is a shot of one of the sunsets we got to watch.
As well as the view there was plenty of wildlife to see from the comfort of the living room sofa, lots of different birds including a couple of different owl species, deer, fox, and squirrels all made an appearance in the time we where there.
But by far the most funny thing was a gang of ducks that lived on a pond at the bottom of the grass slope that Ramblers Rest was sat on. If they didn't get their daily slice of bread (or three) they would come and tap on the patio doors with their beaks demanding attention!
But of course, as tempting as it was, we didn't just park ourselves at the apartment for 2 weeks. We were out and about everyday admiring the beauty of the lakeland countryside. We were accompanied on our adventures by my friend Morris, the marvellous mountaineering moose, who climbed many a lakeland fell with us. Here he is captured drinking a pint of his favourite ale, which was well deserved after the long walk we'd just done.
Of course if Morris hadn't been with us, even in the most out of the way places in the lakes you are never really alone. The Sheep are everywhere! :)


Vi said...

Oh looks wonderful. I can see why you didn't want to come home. :-)

Cheryl said...

Oh you are so good holding me to my UFO finish. Thanks for helping keep me on track.
Your holiday looks lovely. I do so love the beautiful hills and climate of the English countryside!