Monday, July 19, 2010

Growing stuff

Still haven't had much time for blogging and down loading photos yet, at this rate I'll be getting ready to go on holiday next year before I get to finishing posting about this year's trip, lol. In the meantime here are a few snapshots of the garden.

In just a few short weeks the little veg patch went from this, To this,
I'm sure we had all the beautiful sunshine, interspersed with a few rain showers to thank for all the growth. There is only room for a few things in the patch and the radishes have been the quickest to grow
Nothing better than adding something homegrown to the salad dish :)
The potato bin has also been in overdrive going from this
to this.
Have never grown pots before so will be interesting to see how they turn out. Actually have never really grown much of anything before really only a few salad bits a couple of years back, but I seem to have black rather than green fingers, lets hope that my luck is changing. Now that I'm a discerning gardener ;-) I had to treat myself to what surely has to be a gardening must have!
How cute? I'm a big kid I know :)


Vi said...

Your vegie garden looks great Angela! Your luck is definately changing...good on you. :-) Was trying to figure out how we could grow potato's ourselves the other a bin is a great idea.

Melinda Cornish said...

it looks good, you are doing a great job.....I have had a lot of fun with my garden this year too....