Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recent thrifting finds

Haven't done a huge amount of second hand shopping the last couple of weeks but every now and then I found a few minutes to browse in a lunch break and have managed to find a few bits and pieces that I love.

A couple of crafty books that have been on my want list for a while.  These are both in really good condition tea cozies I paid £1, currently list on amazon for £7 and the gentle art of knitting was £2 and that is selling for £16 at the moment.  I love a good bargain!
I also picked up a couple of really nice box frames (I will empty them of current contents and fill them up with other things) and a couple of cute little embroideries.  I have plans to re-purpose the little cottage picture at some point.  These pictures and frames cost me £1 each.  To buy a box frame new from a shop is so expensive so definitely worth looking out for these in your local second had shops.
 One of my favourite finds (and actually I picked this one up a couple of months back just hadn't got round to posting about it) is this fabulous edition of Edgar Allan Poe Tales, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
Poe and Rackham, whats not to love about that combination.  I love this book. I paid about £5 for this book but that still seems like a bargain to me, Its a beautiful hardcover book and in excellent condition.  There is a version of this book (not exactly the same as mine) selling in the Waterstones book store for £50.
Finally a set of crocheted coasters.  The wall paper I've put up in my living room has green and pink colours in it so these look perfect on my dresser.
I have this coming Friday and next Monday booked off work so I'm hoping to include some thrift shopping in my plans so those days.  My birthday is next Saturday so it would be wrong to let that occasion pass without treating myself, wouldn't it?


Angela said...

The tea cosy book looks great! I am knitting one just like the cover picture at the moment! Summer blessings xx

Linda said...

What great finds Angela. I can't find anything in my thrift stores and if I do, the stuff is expensive.


Kate North said...

I've had a hard time resisting doing a lot of thrift store shopping while in the US - I am limited by what I can bring back (so things like box frames are really out)... nice to see all the bargains you've discovered! Oh and yes, you should definitely treat yourself for your birthday. It would be a crime not to!

Jane said...

What lovely finds, the coasters look fabulous, and the box frames are definitely a bargain. Hope you find some lovely treats over the weekend