Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Most weekends I don't tend to spend much time at my flat but rather you'll find me hanging out at my lovely boyfriend's place. I love my little flat but James has a comfier sofa and a bigger TV ;)

I've taken to leaving some creative project or other at his so I don't have to worry about carting things back and forward all the time.  It was the baby blanket when I was working on that and for now it's the lovely cross stitch that I'm working from a pattern that was gifted to me by the even lovelier Kate
The picture above shows my progress so far, it's coming along reasonably quickly and I'm really enjoying working on it.  I think it's going to look lovely hanging on the wall in my flat when it's finished.


Jane said...

This looks good. I love having stitched wall hangings, it'll make a great addition to your decor

Kate North said...

Looking good! (and thanks for the kind words). My cross-stitch is not making a lot of progress this summer - I guess I never realised how much time I spend watching telly (which is when I do most of my cross-stitching) until I am not doing it - consequently, not much cross-stitch progress. Didn't stop me from buying some new patterns yesterday, though :)