Sunday, August 25, 2013

My week in snapshots

Do you ever have that feeling that your bubble is due to burst soon? Despite the stresses and strains that my job is still causing I have been so happy and content these last few weeks, I'm wondering if there is something just round the corner that is going to rain on my parade.  Let's hope not :)

Every Sunday James bakes a yummy loaf of soda bread exactly like his Gran used to make (or near enough) which we smother in tasty jam.  We scoff and drink tea until we're stuffed.  I love Sundays.
James bought me a fabulous new phone for my birthday.  He knows how much I love taking photos and how annoyed I get on the occasions I manage to leave my house without my camera.  So wonderful man that he is bought me a new mobile phone with a fabulous camera, and has installed some whizzy photo apps for me too.  I had a day off work on Monday so here is a little photo collage of the day spent messing around with my new toy.
A quick photo from inside a local church.  It's literally opposite my flat and although I've lived there for 6 months I've never been to look around.  I might do a whole post about my wanderings in the church sometime.
Watching some local bird life
A much needed Friday afternoon chocolate injection at my desk
A new project on the needles.  This picture is in the photo collage but I just had to give this it's own mention.  This book was another birthday present.  I love that my fabulous man knows exactly which brand of weird floats my boat.
Finished off the week with a lovely meal out and a couple of cocktails at a new texmex place that's opened up down the road, sadly I wasn't able to ply James with enough cocktails to get him in that wrestling mask ;)
This weekend is a holiday weekend so three days off work.  Happy Days.  It's going to be another good week, with a trip to the movies, a picnic in the park, dog walking with friends and a lunch date with my brother and his lovely fiancee planned in.  So I'm thinking my bubble of content will remain in tact for the next wee while at least :)

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Pull the other thread said...

Wow it does sound like you are very content. I suppose it can be all how a person looks at the world and their lot in life. You sound like a very upbeat person.